goggomobil (goggomobil) wrote in talkcity,

Ex-TCGames, Ridiculist and Games-ABC player


I stumbled into Talkcity when Quarterdeck's (Globalchat) chat server died around '96...'97 or so. Kenrick Mach hosted a bot game that Talkcity eventually hosted live in TCGames. Kenrick has gathered all of his bot games onto his Botosaurus chat server. About 2 dozen of us TCGamers show up on Starlink-IRC's chat server in a room called #wtgo. A couple of ex-CCCs show once in awhile, too.

I see quite a few Kidzkorner alumni here. I do remember sitting by my daughter as she played a few games there. I remember a HawkCCC hosting there.

I'm glad I got to meet so many people there. Talkcity's chat server was a once in a lifetime thing.

My ancient TCGames website was obliterated by Yahoo's decision to kill Geocities'  free webpage hosting. I do have the html backed up and you can still see the TCGames Trophy Room on the Internet Archive.

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