MissPrime (Toni Hobbs) wrote in talkcity,
Toni Hobbs

PrimeTCC / PrimaCCC :)

Good morning! :) Being the nerd I am ... and after talking w/ an old buddy last night .. I decided AHHH! I will reconnect with some of you! ... or .. I won't, but at least I'll feel like I am.

I'm PrimeTCC / PrimaCCC aka MissPrime ... and I was a host in the Religions & Spiritualities Forum. .. including: #Spirituality-ReflectingPool, #Spirituality-Christians, etc.

We certainly had a unique opportunity at TalkCity, as we were at the crux of a technological revolution ... which is likely why some of us are still friends today and secretly long for that sense of community and acceptance.

Have a great day, TalkCity fans. :)
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