zeroblu (zeroblu) wrote in talkcity,

Great Memories of great chat friends

I chatted as zeroblu when I first found Talkcity in #Towntalk with a lot of folks like ism and pyroDan . Then became a host CCCOBALT or Coby as the #Collegetalk folks called me. I remember a lot of great online chatters which bring back wonderful memories. I learned a great deal from many people online at my old home away from home Talkcity and yes I remember Donna. I actually liked and got along well with her. I will always hold a special place in my heart for all my Talkcity alumni and chatters. I worked part time with Talkcity and full time as an Aircraft Mechanic and Inspector for Raytheon at that time. I am currently working for Sikorsky as a Quality Inspector. I will alway look forward to hearing from my old Talkcity buddies. Trish aka zeroblu aka CCCOBALT
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